Educating women is a sure way of curbing abortions

Forum for African Women Educationist in Zambia (FAWEZA) has called on stakeholders to supplement government efforts aimed at empowering women in the country.

FAWEZA National Coordinator Daphne Chimuka says many women have resorted to bad vices such as abortions because they lack the resources they need to care and fend for their children.

Mrs. Chimuka noted that most women and girls abort their babies because they have little or no means to take care of their babies.

She observed that abortions are mostly a last resort action of a desperate woman as no woman would want to abort their baby.

Mrs. Chimuka said although abortion is morally wrong, many women find themselves in very difficulty circumstances.

She explained that it was for that reason that FAWEZA is insisting on educating the womenfolk to ensure that they are empowered for them to properly look after themselves and their children.

Mrs. Chimuka said in an interview that educating women is the only sure way abortion and other vices can be curbed in the country.

The FAWEZA National Coordinator said through education, women will have the information and knowledge on how they can avoid unwanted pregnancies as well as how to take good care of themselves.

She said education is the key women should have that would help them make informed choices even in very difficult situations.

Zambia has in the recent past experienced an increase in cases of abortions as can be evidenced by reports in the media.