Under the Advocacy and Policy Engagement, the Organisation advocates for affirmative Policies  so that they are gender responsive and responds to the educational needs of women and girls in Zambia.

Since inception FAWEZA, has achieved a number of milestones under this programme and among them include;

  • Implementation of the quarter system at tertiary levels of education
  • FAWEZA initiated advocated for the introduction of the Re-entry Policy and worked  with other like-minded partners to see its re-enforcement by the Ministry of General Education
  • Participated in the formation and review of the 2011 Education Act
  • Participated in the formation of the 2000 and 2014 National Gender Policies, the 2016 Anti-Gender Based Violence Act, the Marriage Bill and the National Education Policy.
  • The Organisation also participated in the formation of the strategy on Ending Marriages 2016-2021.