FAWEZA participates in the review and validation of a number of policy documents that support increased participation of girls and women in education as well as empowerment.

FAWEZA with other like-minded organizations acts as a “watch dog” to ensure that education and gender policies are implemented in a way that does not disadvantage girls and women.

We mobilise and sensitize communities on affirmative Gender policies. Stimulate community response to such policies and programmes in the interest of education for girls and women.

We support INCREASED participation of  GIRLS & WOMEN in education

Vision, Mission and Values

We advocate for policies and legislations that promote gender equity and equality in education for girls & women

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National Executive Committee

Experienced individuals who steer the strategic direction of the organisation.

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National Secretariat

Our Secretariat is managed by a group of dedicated and passionate individuals that support our vision and mission

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Partners and Sponsors

We work with various stakeholders and get support from various partners, locally and international.

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We promote formulation, enactment and implementation of policies, legislation and programmes that support increased participation of girls and women in education, all with the help of our supportive partners.