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Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the NORAD JUGWO Project in Luapula Province

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The Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), together with partners (FAWEZA, Women for Change, ADRA & Caritas Mansa), are currently conducting a Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the NORAD JUGWO Project in Luapula province in the partners’ implementation sites Mansa, Samfya, Chifunabuli & Milenge).
The main purpose of the evaluation is to generate data for the reporting of outcome level and output level indicators that require surveys to measure performance which will help to assess the achievement made in line with the set goals.
The evaluation further provides an opportunity for verification of the integrity of the data submitted by partners thus far. The assessment will be used to identify results areas that require prioritisation in the 2024 planning and budgeting. The assessment will also facilitate the process of results frameworks (RF) re-alignment between Norwegian Church Aid Zambia and Partner project frameworks in the Partnership agreement documents and to establish clear guidelines on how to collect and report results.

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